Etch ‘n Stitch is now Brand Shark

I’m very excited to announce that Etch ‘n Stitch is now BrandShark. We still offer the same great promotional items, including clothing (screen printed and embroidered), marketing items (pens, koozies, mouse pads, etc., etc., etc.), printed materials (business cards, flyers, brochures, rack cards), and signs. In fact, think of BrandShark for anything with a name or logo.

With any rebranding, there are the pressing questions “Will people find the new company name?”, “Will they like the new company name and remember it?”, “Will they understand what we do?”. It truly is a leap of faith.

In spite of the risks, I felt that this was the right time to make a change. The old name served me well, but many people focused on the “Stitch” part of it and thought we only did embroidery. The name “Etch ‘n Stitch” originated from the time when I had a gift shop and did embroidery and engraving on-site. The store closed in 2011 and the business has changed greatly – it was time for a name change as well.

The word “Brand” suggest a lot more – businesses have brands, organizations have brands, even people have brands (I know one guy whose brand is that he is the Man in Green). As for the “Shark” part of the name, sharks go for what they want. When you are marketing your business, you should be a shark and make bold moves. If you sit back and wait for others, the competition will win. Be a shark and take a BITE out of your competition.

Thank you to the many loyal clients over the years (since 2008), many who have become friends. Your friendship, business, and referrals are what has helped make BrandShark and me successful. I look forward to many years together.