Clothing Sales Fundraiser – Easily Raise Money for your Organization

Fundraiser with Our Clothing, Your Logo

Look around and you will see people wearing decorated t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, jackets, and even pants and socks. People want to show their loyalty to an organization and are even willing to pay a premium for the privilege of doing so.

You could be taking advantage of this opportunity to RAISE SOME $$ for your organization (religious, civic, non-profit, sports, school, etc.) by holding a CLOTHING SALE. This is a whole lot better and easier than asking for cash donations.

BrandShark has a great program for helping you with this. In fact it’s so great that you have:

  • NO cash outlay
  • NO guessing at what sizes you need
  • NO handling of money
  • NO storing items that didn’t sell

Here’s how it works.

Step 1 – We will work with you to decide which items to offer, what designs to put on them, and the sales prices.

Step 2 – BrandShark will create a website for people to order their shirts, hats, jackets, etc.

Step 3 – YOU advertise and tell people to go to that page to order, using all the communication outlets you have – announcements, email blast, social media, etc. Typically, the ordering website is open for 2-3 weeks. People will pay online when they order (via PayPal), so you don’t even need to worry about that.

Step 4 – After the website is closed, we will review the total orders with you and, if you desire, add some extra items for staff, gifts, or future sales.

Step 5 – BrandShark will produce the clothing items and deliver them to you. If you would like, we’ll even deliver the items to each purchaser.

You can see a sample of this sales page at

Are you ready to get started? Just CONTACT US and tell us that you are interested in the Clothing Sale Fundraiser.