Vehicle Magnet Care

Your vehicle magnets should last a long time and will hold up to normal weather conditions, with some minor care.


Of course, clean your vehicle where these will be applied. It doesn’t have to be immaculate, just remove the surface dirt and dry it off.

Be sure to apply the magnet to a smooth surface where there are no dings or bends in the metal, such as on some doors. A mild curve is ok for the magnets, but not a bend. When applying, press the magnet from the center out to the edges, ensuring that you have firm contact all over.

Do not apply the magnet to a horizontal surface exposed to direct sunlight (such as an automobile hood).

Do not use in temperatures exceeding 150ยบ F.

Before affixing to metal surfaces, ensure that all paints, clear coats, and waxes have cured – approximate curing times: paint – 90 days, clear coat – 60 days, wax – 2 days.


About once a week, take the magnet off and wash it in mild soap (dish washing detergent is good) and also clean the vehicle surface to remove any dirt. Dry both before reapplying.

The weekly cleaning is especially important for large vehicle door or tailgate magnets. Dirt and grit accumulates on the top of the magnet and, since it is not an airtight connection between the magnet and the vehicle, this dirt can work its way behind the magnet. The weekly cleaning will ensure good adhesion of the magnet and also protect your vehicle surface from scratches.

“What about going through car washes?”, you might ask. I suggest removing the magnets before going through a car wash – after all, you do want the entire car cleaned, right? I don’t know what chemicals they use and the force of the water or drying air may push up the edge, causing the magnet to come off. If you decide to take your chances, inspect the magnet after you’ve gone through the wash to ensure that it is on tightly.


To remove the magnet, lift 1 edge and pull away – do not slide the magnet across the metal.