Raster vs. Vector Images

A RASTER IMAGE is one that is made up of a series of small squares, each containing a color – a photograph is an example of an image that is in raster format. If you blow up this image, you will first see the image getting blurry around the edges, then you will see the small boxes.
 Raster vs Vector 6  Raster vs Vector 7
This may work well for small items, like a nametag, but for large items, such as a sign, your print quality may not be to your liking. Also most promotional items are printed with spot colors – meaning, one color is printed at a time, and a raster image will not work for that – at least not with a good quality print.
File types for raster images are typically jpg, png, and sometimes pdf.
A VECTOR IMAGE is one that is created by a series of shapes, and each shape is filled in with a color.
Raster vs Vector 1
Behind the scenes, the graphics program uses mathematical formulas for the edges of the shape. If you increase the size, that behind-the-scenes process handles it and you maintain a clear image.
File types for vector images are typically eps, ai, cdr, and sometimes pdf.
Sometimes, all you have is a raster image – no worries, we’ll work with you to get it converted to the correct format.