Choosing Promotional Products

With nearly a million promotional items from over 4000 sources around the world, how do you choose just the right ones to make YOU successful? There are some things to consider that will drastically narrow down the list.

At BrandShark, we work with you to better understand your needs, so that we can offer the right items to make you successful. Before offering suggestions, we ask the following questions:

  • What is your business (features, products, benefits)?
    • Promotional items should reflect all of these.
  • How will these be used?
    • Brand identity (employee clothing, vehicle decoration, name tags, etc.)
    • Business marketing
      • Tradeshows
      • Mailings
      • Personal distribution
    • “Thank you for your business” or “keeping in touch” items to current customers
    • Employee appreciation
  • What message are you sending?
    • This could be “buy my product or services”, “thank you for your business”, “thank you for your referrals”, “I work for this company”, etc.
    • Some promotional items reflect a certain message better than others
  • What market are you targeting?
    • Business-to-business, personal services, etc.
    • Age group
    • Gender
    • Income level
  • Where are decisions about your product or services made?
    • The products you choose should be kept where the decisions are made.